About us

Since 2005, la Maison du Vélo Toulouse considers cycling as an efficient, ecological and healthy solution for our trips. Carried by the values of social and solidarity economy and respect of the environment, the missions of the association are:

  • To give a positive and engaging image of cycling through events and animations.
  • To develop projects aiming to significantly increase bike usage.
  • To sensitize, advise and teach bike riding with individuals, schools or even professionals.
  • To facilitate bike riding by offering services adapted to cyclists, on a dedicated site.

Key figures in 2022




Rental deeds

Individus initiated to the practice of cycling

Bicycles repaired

Key figures in 2022

30 employees

44 volunteers

2608 adherents

6300 rental deeds

1806 children and adults initiated to the practice of cycling

1484 bicycles repaired

Thus, La Maison du Vélo offers numerous services to all cyclists:

But La Maison du Vélo is also a convivial place where events and expositions are regularly organized around cycling.

Members of the CA

Hugues Bernard – President
Danièle Marchais – Treasurer
Alice Pavillet – Secretory
Jean Arroucau
Sylvain Boux de Casson
Cécile Payan
Omri Schwartz
Stéphane Hénin
Nicolas Guilbaud
2 Pieds 2 Roues
Agathe Peyre
Estelle Guimbretière

  • Mathilde Duran & Kamel Jelti – Director
  • Nadia Rupp, Léa Roussilhes and Valisoa Rasamimanana – Accountant / human ressources / administration
  • Mélissa Kieny and Marie Pérès – Communication
  • Agathe Peyre – Formation
  • Lucie Giessner, Maxime Gaillard, Gautier Miaille and Vincent Bompart – Services to professionals
  • Maëlle Mallier, Florent Collin, Nicolas Rizzo, Christopher De rop and Jeremy Hernandez – Vélo-école
  • Stéphanie Lecomte, Ophélie Ambrose, Lison Fabre, Marion Lardy, Baptiste Boichut, Angele Guadagnin and Sebastien Négrel – Reception et bike rental
  • Benoit Petitjean, Matthieu Fontaine, Alexis Billard, Marina Lorsignol, Valentine Maurer, Thibaut Colleter and Paul Sibade – Technique
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