Fight against theft

Fight against theft

You are bored of your bike being stolen?
Or maybe you are scared every day, leaving it on the roadside?

Around 2000 bikes are declared stolen in Toulouse every year, but we estimate that there are just as many stolen bikes that aren’t declared.

Each year in France, more than 150 000 bikes found abandoned cannot be restituted, due to a lack of identification. Only 2 to 3% of victims of theft get their bike back.

Reduce the chances of theft. Protect your bike by following these tips:

1. Use an U-lock:

Every year, the anti-theft commission of the FUB leads resistance tests on locks present on the market. To properly choose your lock consult the results of the 2020 tests*.

2. Mark your bike with the Bicycode® method

It allows you to matriculate a bike so it is registered nationally. Policemen have access to this register to identify the owner of a found bike.

3. Always attach your bike properly

(Even for a couple of minutes!) and protect wheels and saddle. Ideally, fix the frame and front wheel to a fixed point, pointing the keyhole towards the ground.